Affiliate marketing isn’t a new industry. The concept has been around for many years now. Paid reviews in newspapers, endorsements on radio and commercials on television have been different forms of advertising. Although not advertising in the strictest sense of the term, affiliate marketing does have its roots in the prevailing practices. Social networks, social media and the ease of content publishing in the virtual world have ushered in a new era for affiliate marketing and a number of professionals have embarked on an independent journey to financial freedom.

While affiliate marketing is highly promising as a profession, there are more failures than successes. This is primarily owing to the misconceptions that have been propagated by many commentators who don’t know the reality or mask it for vested reasons.

Here are the three biggest mistakes new affiliates make.

  • Many people try affiliate marketing because they want to make a fortune. The internet is flooded with contents promoting the idea that one can become rich almost overnight with affiliate marketing. These high hopes are dashed almost immediately after one publishes one review or a few articles. No affiliate marketing will make a million in a week or even in a month. It takes a long time to mint that first million in any business or profession. The biggest mistake people make is getting into affiliate marketing with the hope of making big bucks rather easily without knowing what it takes to succeed.
  • The second biggest mistake is choosing the wrong niche or trying to be a master of all trades. No single human on the planet is or ever will be an expert in every type of product or service. Also, one must stay confined to a product or service category that one is familiar with or can learn about. New affiliate marketers often try to write about anything and everything or they choose products and services that apparently pay a lot in commissions. If an affiliate marketer doesn’t have any authority in the niche, then the entire effort will be futile. Readers are well informed these days and they can see through a failed attempt to sound authoritative when there is no substance.
  • Finally, affiliate marketing is not solely about reviews or promotional articles, social media engagement or email marketing. Affiliate marketing includes every such medium and form of content. From info-graphics to reviews, social media influence to video streaming channels and more, all forms of engagement must be employed to create an impact.

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