Email marketing is just as significant as social media engagement. Yet, some people have started to avoid or ignore email marketing. Not only should you invest time and effort on email marketing, you must also build an email list.

Many companies buy databases. Instead of buying a database which will really not be quantifiable whether or not every lead is qualified for your products or services, you should build your own email list.

Here are three reasons, which are also the benefits, of building your own email list.

1: Building an email list is essentially about creating a database of subscribers or followers. These people are potential consumers or customers. They have been qualified and would want to hear from you. They may not necessarily be endorsers or fans of everything you sell or offer but they are subscribers. They would receive your regular newsletters and follow everything that your brand does or intends to do. This following is not dissimilar to social media followers but the added advantage is the comprehensive informational exchanges you can have. Email is more detailed than social media posts and it is also more private. Both attributes make email marketing effectively and an email list more quintessential than you think.

2: An email list gives you a ready and waiting audience. You don’t need to go out looking for a database or wait for the impending traffic. All your other marketing strategies will remain at play. The distinct advantage is that you can send out notifications or email updates and get the leads to respond. The ready audience will give a fillip to your traffic. They would share the email and also spread the word verbally. You would have direct responses in some cases that you can follow up on. Many people on your email list will take to social media to further spread the word which will assist your existing social media campaigns.

3: An email list is a dedicated base of potential customers. Social media following is a voluntary subscription which can waver at any given point in time. You can combine the two to have a more formidable social media presence and to expand your email list. Your social media followers who don’t find a place on your email list will exponentially expand your database or your massive email database will help your social media following and hence enhance your influence.

**Here’s an interesting industry fact:

Every subscriber you have on your list… should equal one dollar. If you have 3,000 people on your list… that’s $3000 per month for you… that’s if you manage your list correctly. Think about that next time you neglect adding people to your list.

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