As a publisher of digital products, there are a number of different options out there to help you bring your products to market. Affiliate programs can make it extremely beneficial to not only affiliate marketers, but also to publishers like you. JVZoo is one such platform that’s available to you.

In my opinion, and after doing extensive research, I believe JVZoo stands head & shoulders above the rest. In fact, here are 3 very good reasons as to why I think this is the case.

Here are three reasons why I believe you should be using JVZoo to host your products:

  1. Controlling your affiliates: When you have a product you wish to bring to market you want to be able to choose who you work with. With many sites, you don’t have control over which affiliates get to sell your products. Not with JVZoo! You have total control of affiliates, and you determine which affiliates you want associated with your products.
  2. Social element: With JVZoo you are able to extend a discount to those (affiliates) who share their purchases with friends and colleagues on social media like Facebook and Twitter. The best part about this feature is that you are the one who gets to determine the discount. This again shows how you are in total control of how your products are purchased by the public worldwide.
  3. The analytics are easy to understand: With any business, whether online or offline, tracking performance is extremely important. It allows you make tweaks to your business as needed. Making additions or subtractions to your business, you’re going to need analytics. JVZoo offers you analytical information that’s easy to understand without giving you the feeling of drowning in information. This information is important as to understand where you are and where things need to go next – Simply to understand and easy to apply.

With the three above mentioned benefits, it isn’t hard to see why I believe JVZoo is the best option for you and your products. That’s the reason why I have chosen to work with JVZoo for so many years.

Why You Need JVZoo For Hosting Your Products

In the end, you want to work with professionals in your industry. People who understand you and your business. So, if you’re considering in working with JVZoo you are going to find the ‘pros’ far outweigh the ‘cons’. I believe JVZoo is the right solution for you and your business needs.

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