I remember not that long ago, when I first jumped online, everywhere I turned, everyone I spoke to, kept telling me – Build a list… ‘The money is in the list!’

Now as a newbie, I had no idea what a list was… let alone building one!

So if you’re just starting out, let me shed a little light on this subject.

Plus… I’m going to show you how to build your list quick – SUPER quick!

But before we proceed, you’ll need to get some basic things into place.

  1. You’re going to need a free product, as an ethical bribe.
  2. You’re going to need a high converting Squeeze Page
  3. You’re going to need an Autoresponder

OK, assuming you have those in place… let’s move forward.


I used this strategy in the very beginning to kick-start my list building with great effect. Now I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the Warrior Forum… (if not – check it out). The Warrior Forum is a discussion forum that covers all subjects relating to internet marketing. They have a section in there where as a forum member; you have the ability to advertise to other forum members. The ‘Warrior Special Offers’ or WSO for short is where you can place your ad in front of highly targeted customers. Now a word of advice – The members are pretty savvy, so you better make sure the product you’re offering is VALUABLE – even though it’s free. As the WF gets lots of traffic, you should see people joining your list within minutes of posting your ad.

– Warrior Forum – Warrior Special Offers –


Once you’ve generated a small list (at least 100-150) through WF, you can now move onto Adswaps. This concept is pretty simple, but has the ability to double, triple, quadruple your list very very quickly. Simply find someone – in the same niche – who has a list similar size to yours, and ask them if they would like to do an adswap. Personally, I would offer to mail out first, since I was the one who approached this person. Even though adswaps are free, they are a highly effective way of building your list – But don’t overdo it, you may burn out your list as quickly as you build it.

– Safe Swaps – List Swapper –

-Solo Ads-

A Solo Ad is when you pay another list-owner, to send an email to their list advertising your product or service. You agree prior, on how many ‘clicks’ you will receive. Now you need to understand that a click is not an optin – which means – you may receive 100 clicks, but only get 20-30 optins to your list. This comes down to how well your Squeeze Page converts. As with Adswaps – you want to make sure that the Solo Ad Vendor is in the same niche as you, so your leads will be highly targeted to your offers.

– Udimi – Solo Ads X – Search Facebook Groups for Solo Ad providors –

Using the above methods, you could build your list in no time. I personally went from zero to over 3 thousand in a matter of a month!

I hope you found this article informative.

Also, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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