#1 – Put Something Up Online To SELL!

I know people who have been tinkering with this online stuff for years. I literally mean years!

And I find that they all go through the same stages. I know because I did the exact same thing.

You buy a product, you follow all the instructions inside, and just before you’re about to pull the trigger you see something new… and you feel that you may be missing a piece of the puzzle – and that this other product may show it to you.

This is what they generally call in the industry is; Paralysis of Analysis

So, here’s some truth.

If you to start making money online – You need to put something up online to SELL!

  • Get a Squeeze Page
  • Add an Autoresponder Form to it
  • Find a Product to offer as a bribe for their email
  • Add another Product – with a $ value
  • Add some Affiliate Offers in your Autoresponder
  • DONE!

By now you should know all this, and you should know what to do – but in the case that you’re a complete newbie… or if you’ve been online for a little while and yet to make any substantial income…  and you feel the need to finally get your ass into gear and moving in the right direction, then this can, and will certainly help you…

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“The paradox is the more info you give away the more people will buy what you have to give.” ~ Brian Clark

#2 – Traffic!

Here’s one that scares the bejesus out of everyone!

How do I get traffic?

Where do I get traffic?


Now, when I talk traffic… I mean – PAID Traffic.

Look, I realise that SEO and Organic traffic has its merits… but for me – it’s paid traffic… because it’s INSTANT!

When I put up an offer online, I want to see if it converts. I want to see if people are downloading my freebie – buying my upsell… and the only way you can do that is by getting traffic to the offer.

This is the downside to organic traffic – it takes time to get indexed and really start generating traffic from it. (So if you’re looking for instant gratification, look to paid traffic!)

So now that we’ve got that out of the way… here’s a few places to get traffic:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Solo Ads
  • JV/Affiliates

Now I could go on for days discussing different paid traffic methods, but this isn’t a post solely on traffic. But you need to realise that every online business needs traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood – and without it, you business will die.

Some quick facts:

  • As of January 2020, there were over 1.74 billion websites on the Internet.
  • As of January 2020, there were 4,437,215,927 (4+ billion) internet users.

That is a lot of people – and that is a lot of websites.

In the end, the more people who see your offers, the more you will make… so get your offers in front of as many people as you can – SIMPLE!

“You can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed you have to create traffic.” ~ Joel Anderson

With paid traffic you can see if your offer is converting today!

#3 – Conversions!

So you’ve got your squeeze page up online, freebie offer done, you’re autoresponder email sequence all set up – and you turn on the traffic…

…is it converting?

Listen, if your stuff isn’t selling it usually comes down to the copy {copywriting} – the sales message.

This is where most fail. You can have one of the best products ever, but if you can’t convert your traffic into sales… you fail – period!

A professional copywriter will get all your copy dialled-in and converting faster than you can on your own – plus you should always be focusing on copywriting

From your squeeze page right through to your autoresponder email sequence. Because once you’re all dialled-in and converting, you can then drive traffic from all over the internet and make yourself a small fortune.

You really have no idea of exactly how much money you can make, if you can convert. It’s the key! Seriously.

So the key is – Copy and Conversions!

Focus on copy, because that’s the name of this game.

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate that by doubling you traffic.” ~ Jeff Eisenberg

#4 – Test… Track… Tweak

You can always increase conversions by testing, tracking and tweaking.

Test your Squeeze Page& Sales Page:

  • Heading
  • Subheading
  • Bullet Points
  • Copy
  • Colors
  • CTA
  • Offer
  • Price
  • And so on…

You can also do the same with your email sequence. Test the subject lines, the copy and the links in your email.

Send some traffic to your offer. How did it convert?

Tweak your stuff and send more traffic. Did it convert better?

Tweak it again and again until it converts well!

There’s plenty of software out there to help you with the tracking process. You have to keep a measure and continually track your progress.

The money is in the data – and the data doesn’t lie.

Your 1-3 tweaks from a 4 figure a month business.

Your 5-10 tweaks away from a 6 figure a year business.

“Numbers rule the universe.” ~ Pythagoras

No business can exist without structure and strategy.

While everyone else is running around looking for quick-tactics and magic-bullets to help them make money… you should be building a solid foundation.

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