With so much uncertainty in the world at the moment, it’s no wonder so many are looking at creating some sort of security by means of an online business.

Now, I’ve been doing this whole online thing for a while now, and I continually get emails from my subscribers asking very similar questions;

“How do I begin?”

I’m not going to bore you with all the necessities you need to start an online business…(ie: Hosting, Domain, Autoresponder, etc & etc)… but I’m going to give you the FOUR things you must have, that have served me well over the years, and to give yourself the best chance of making this online thing work for you also.

Must Have #1:

You need a great free offer!

This is where it all starts. Having a great offer, you’re 98% ahead of the game.

Now I’m not talking about some rehashed PLR crap you change the cover on and add your name. I’m talking about a well researched piece of content the market is begging for. I’m talking about a specific niche, in a specific market, with a specific painpoint – which your offer solves.

You have 2 options when it comes to creating your offer.

1. Outsource to a ghostwriter

2. Write it yourself

Either way, get it done!

This doesn’t exactly have to be a masterpiece… but it also doesn’t want to be crap… but it does need to get done.

Must Have #2:

Now that you’ve got your offer, you now need a Squeeze Page!

This is where you’ll be able to put your offer up online and in front of your audience.

Getting this done – you’re now in the game!

It’s amazing how many people fumble and stumble at this process. Again, like your offer… it doesn’t have to be perfect – but get it up online and you can test later.

A squeeze page is not that difficult to do.

You’ve got…

  • a Headling
  • a Sub-Headling
  • Bullet Points (not every squeeze has these)
  • Call To Action

Now, testing your squeeze page is an ongoing process. What the pros do is have 2 squeeze pages, with different headline, sub-headline, call-to-action, colors, picture, etc.

They send the same amount of traffic to both to see which one converts best. That then becomes the CONTROL. So you tweak the other and try to beat the control – try to increase your optins.

This will always be an ongoing process of testing and tweaking.

This is what the serious business owner do.

This is what you have to do!

Ok… let’s move on.

Must Have #3


This is the life-blood of any business.

If you can’t get traffic – you can’t test your offer.

If you can’t get traffic – you won’t know if your offer converts.

If you can’t get traffic – you make no money.

If you can’t get traffic – you fail – PERIOD!

There are 2 ways of getting traffic. Free and Paid.

I’ve never been one to focus any time on free traffic, even though I do get a tiny amount here and there… but nothing to get excited about.

My main focus is on paid traffic. Because it’s instant – and it’s constant. You can turn it on or off with a click of the mouse.

Also, you want to know if your offer is converting, and you don’t want to be waiting 3-6 months for free traffic to figure out if your offer converts. You need to know immediately! That way you can go back in and make some changes – then turn the traffic on again.

The majority of marketers I know that earn six or seven figures ALL use paid traffic.


Must Have #4


Now I’ve touched on this a little above… but if you can convert, if your offer is converting well, you can send traffic from all over the internet and make yourself a fortune – not kidding.

This is why you need to put most of your time and effort into conversions. Because if you’re not converting, then you’re wasting your time, effort and money.

And the reason you’re online is to make money, right?

Think about it… if you’ve spent all this time and money creating your product, your squeeze page, and paying for traffic and you’re not making any money in return… it’s all been a waste of time.

But you can always increase your conversions. A tweak here… a tweak there and suddenly you’re making a sale or two. A change here… a change there and you’re making more!

So, focus focus focus on conversions!

95%-99% of your time should be honed into traffic and conversions.

Got it? Good!

Look, if you’re still here reading this then it shows me we’re like minded people. I realize that you, just like me, are looking for a little more money, time and freedom to live a stress free lifestyle.

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