The biggest problem I see everyday online, especially with newbies, is they put their efforts into the wrong things.

If you want to have a thriving online business – if you want to charge people high prices for your products & services – then you need to ultimately become a PROBLEM SOLVER !

Here’s your simple plan for a 6-figure income business:

Step 1 – Choose an in demand problem to solve

Step 2 – Learn everything you can about that problem

Step 3 – Create your product & put a buy button on it

Step 4 – Put your solution in front of the people with the problem

OK… let me expand on the steps a little…

Choose an in demand problem to solve

Believe it or not, I’ve spoken to people who have been in this business for 3-5 years, or more, and still haven’t chosen a niche! I meant it.

It’s really not that difficult. Find a niche where products are already been sold – ebooks – video courses – workshops – coaching- etc.

Do this step, and you’re already ahead of most of the crowd.

Learn everything you can about that problem

This is the ‘information’ age! Everything as at your finger tips – NO EXCUSES!

Start researching everything you can get your hands on about the problem you’re trying to solve. Read books, read articles and read whatever you can find online – HELL even buy products relating to your problem!

2-3 weeks MAX! – Now you know more that 90% of your market – Now you’re gaining ‘specialized knowledge’ – Now you understand the struggles & pain of your market – Now you… yes YOU are the expert in your market.

Create your product & put a buy button on it

Now the sky’s the limit here. You have plenty of options to go with – Don’t forget… you have all this specialized knowledge now – just get it out of your head and into a product.

You have 2 options; Create it yourself or Outsource it.

Plus you have options in what sort of product you want to provide. Ebook, video course, group coaching or a more personalized one-on-one coaching. Solve the problem for people as a service – ‘Done For You’. People love DFY Products – the list is endless and the profits are HUGE.

Then get your sales page up online, and whack a BUY button on it!

Momentum is everything – Just keep pressing forward.

Put your solution in front of the people with the problem

Now you begin building your audience. Take your solution you just created and put it in front of people who need it.

Finding your audience won’t be difficult in this day and age. They can come from Facebook – Instagram – YouTube – Solo Ads – etc.

Every day you should be posting quality content that helps your audience, inspires them, and gets them excited about your solution.

Now don’t just keep posting to your blog and hoping to build an audience. Having a blog with quality content is great but this is a passive form of audience building. You want to go to where your audience is hanging out and get your message in front of them – then redirect them back to your blog where you have your freebies and squeeze page so they can sign up to your email list.

So there it is – a four step system to a 6-figure income online. Instead of jumping from one thing to another, focus on one niche – one solution – and become the expert of that solution – and SELL!

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