After leads have purchased your entry-level product, the next step is to convince them to purchase your core offer. This is your main product; it could be a course, a membership subscription, or any higher-priced item you sell.=

You’ll send these five emails over the course of five weeks to promote your core offer. This keeps you at the forefront of people’s minds without coming across as pushy:


  1. The “Personal gain” email: This email quickly paints a picture of what your lead’s life might be like if they purchase your product. It addresses their concerns and explains why your offer is the best solution.


  1. The “Fear of missing out” email: Without being too dramatic, remind leads that if they don’t buy, they’ll miss out on getting the solution to their problem.


  1. The “Logic” email: Concentrate on specific, rational reasons why customers should buy from you. Share testimonials, customer satisfaction rates, and other data points to demonstrate the benefits of your product.


  1. The “Are you still…?” email: Remind leads that if they are still battling their issue, they may resolve it by acting right away.


  1. The “Have you yet…?” email: This is your final attempt (for the time being) to turn leads into paying clients. Ask them why they haven’t already taken action, and reassure them that there is still time.


Once your five core offer emails have been written and sent, sit back and watch your leads convert to paying customers.

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