I have found over the years many wanna-be internet marketers will never truly realize their online dreams because they simply don’t focus all their efforts into a simple, automated model for making money online.

They will drift around for years dabbling in different schemes, shiny objects and distractions then rather dedicate all their time and focus in putting together a fully functional system and seeing it through!

So in this post I reveal a basic plan to get you started and help you moving forward.

1: Choose a PROVEN Business Model

There’s a ton of info products out there that give you plenty of theories on what may or may not work. And there’s also another ton of programs promoting business models that are proven to work… Creating and selling info products that people want to buy… Promoting info products that… you guessed it… people want to buy!

Forget the gimmicks and loopholes and untapped this or that. You’ve been there – done that. Right now, choose a business model that is absolutely, positively proven to work and then just DO it!

I know this doesn’t sound glamorous or innovative. But if your goal is to build a profitable business instead of going down endless dead ends, then this is the one piece of advice you must not ignore.

If that’s something you feel is needed for you to finally get your ass in gear and moving in the  right direction, then this can, and will certainly help you…

If you want to create a successful online business like mine – then here’s exactly how I do it… <Squeeze Page Mastery>

2: Have an Online Presence

You need a blog. You need social media – Facebook… Instagram… Twitter… LinkedIn… etc.

You need these so you can develop a following, a tribe. You need these platforms to get your message out, to share your story, your content. You create content and then promote it to your market… and where there is content, there is a sales pitch.

Your blog and social media accounts give you an excuse to promote (look above… do you see my link to Squeeze Page Mastery?)… and gain subscribers.

3: Build Your Email Lists

Your email list is your most important resource by far!

While you can spend countless hours scrolling through your Facebook timeline… or watching YouTube videos – this really doesn’t count as work.

But if you have your own mailing list(s) you always have access to that.

Continually focus on adding to your list and if you nurture your list and treat them well and develop plenty of rapport with your subscribers, you can use your list for ongoing income – no matter what else happens.

4: Learn How To Drive Traffic

If you could learn and use only one skill online in your quest to build a business, it would have to be driving traffic. Everything else can be outsourced to someone else.

After all, if you can drive traffic, you can promote other people’s products and never worry about product creation or customer service. The real power online is in being able to send traffic to any place you choose… when you choose. You don’t have to rely on affiliates or anyone else.

Start with one traffic method and master it. Then and only then you can move to a second method and so forth.

  • If you have time, master FREE traffic methods – Free traffic takes more work and it’s generally slower and less reliable
  • If you have money, master PAID traffic methods – Paid traffic has a learning curve and while you’re learning you will likely lose money. But once you master it, you can decide how much you earn and how fast you earn it.

Whichever one you choose… stick with it till you master it!

5: It’s a Numbers Game

Online marketing is a numbers game.

  • The more products you have – the more money you can make.
  • The more books you sell – the more likely you will make sales.
  • The more social media posts you make and the more posts on your blog – the more traffic you will tend to get.

Some of your posts, books and products will bomb. Others may sell like crazy. Despite your best research and efforts, you will sometimes be surprised at the results or lack thereof. But if you’re putting out the numbers then it won’t matter, because in the end you will have enough great posts, products, books and so forth to carry you through.

6: Failing is OK

Obviously, you’re going to do everything you can to succeed. But sometimes, despite your very best intentions and efforts, you’re going to fail. And that’s okay.

Write up a blog post about what happened and what you learned from it. Post it to your blog and invite your subscribers to read it. Sharing personal information like this is how you attract people to your tribe. This will also help them see that failure is not to be feared – and that you are a real – genuine person who screws up, just like them.

And they’ll absolutely love you for it!

I hope you found this informative, and can take some or all of the information and put it into action. I’d also be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend, or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you!

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