When most people enter the world of online marketing, they tend to gravitate towards becoming an affiliate and promoting other peoples products.

I was the same!

But if I had my time over again – I would begin with product creation, and here are the reasons why…

  1. You Control The Content – having the ability to control the content that you produce is absolutely critical. This is because unlike other products and services that you must get permission to promote, you completely decide how and when and at what price you can sell what you create. This guarantees you will make more money than promoting someone else’s affiliate products and that you will have money to offer to affiliates.
  2. You Make More Money Than Affiliate Promotions – if you own your products and services, it only makes sense to promote them instead of other affiliate products because you make 100% of money. You can also get others to become affiliates for your products, which means even more money you will make.
  3. Brand Yourself As An Expert – all of the top successful internet marketers have created their own products and services. This is because you are perceived as being an expert in the niche that you are creating a solution for. If you want to brand yourself as an expert there is no faster way then creating something of real value that your niche will need and love.
  4. A Product Or Service You Create Can Educate Clients – one advantage to having your own product or service is that you can educate clients without having to devote additional time to doing so, plus taking unproductive or high maintenance clients and converting them into buyers.
  5. A Product / Service Can Pre-Qualify / Control Potential Clients – it is very important that you have a system for dealing with potential clients that pre-qualifies them and actually controls the way they think when they approach you. Your products and/or services can educate and inform potential clients. As to the way that you do business as well as position them for wanting to hire your services without you needing to do an in-depth sales pitch.
  6. A Product Or Service Can Greatly Increase Your Client Base – one of the main reasons that people create a product or service is to expand the client base. If you have a product or service that directly relates to the kind of clients that you want to have, that it is much easier to prequalify and also get many more clients because you have a system set up.
  7. Create Products To Handle Repetitive Parts Of Your Business – if there is a particular aspect of your business that is least enjoyable for you, creating products and services related to this aspect allows you to handle effectively repetitive parts that you do not like to perform. For example, if you sell water purification systems, having your own sales brochures that can be sent to clients to answer the same kind of questions you are always asked, and prepare them to make a purchase, is exactly what you need.
  8. Get Massive Paydays Teaching Your Products – once you put your products through rigorous testing, you can eventually begin to teach the process to your clients. For example, if you created an internet marketing product that teaches people how to drive massive traffic to their websites, you can hold webinars teaching people the very same process that is in your products and services but laid out in a more teachable fashion for them to understand better.

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