Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, list builder, wanting more traffic or looking at creating and launching your very first product online, then I’m here to help you MAKE IT HAPPEN!

This site is dedicated to you – assisting every day people find their perfect online business strategy – with proven actionable advice – you can put to use today.

If you’re reading this chances are you’re working 40+ hours a week at a job you aren’t happy with. You have a lack of time to spend with your family & friends, and doing the things you love.

You’ve heard the stories… normal average everyday people building successful and profitable online businesses that generate income passively.

But with lack of time, information-overload, internet scams, and all the conflicting information out there on the web you’re fighting an uphill battle to piece it all together.

You want someone to help you cut through all the noise, avoid the scams and low-quality junk products, and only give you realistic, actionable advice that works.

So, if you’re looking at starting your very own profitable online business, minus the Fluff – Hype – B.S and Theories…

… then you’re in the right place.

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I’m Theo Poulentzas,

from Melbourne, Australia… and on the wrong side of 40, I was in a dead-end job that was going nowhere.

I was a truck driver, for 20+ years. Spending 60+ hours a week behind the wheel began taking a toll on my body.

I tell you this for two reasons…

  1. I’m EXACTLY like you… and
  2. I was EXACTLY where you are today.

But like you, I was ambitious.

I wanted that dream lifestyle, being free from money worries and the 9 to 5… (but in my case – the 6am to 6pm!)

So I went out in search of more freedom… more income… and an abundant secure, stress-free lifestyle.

Finally, after a lot of searching, I discovered – Affiliate Marketing. Within a couple of weeks of researching – I knew this was the way forward for me.

It took a little while, but I built a series of websites. Some were successful, and others, well… total failures. But I didn’t lose focus – I kept learning and moving forward. Within several months I became one of the industry’s leaders in the performance-based marketing system.

By 2014/15, I had evolved into the internet marketing arena by creating my very own products. Just a simple, average guy, my products were easy to follow – simple to implement – and proven to work… for anyone!

Still with me?

Good, then read on…

If you want to avoid the common pitfalls most marketers get caught up with, and you want something that truly works in bringing you a substantial, sustainable, stable online income, then look no further…

– http://InternetMarketingAnatomy.com –

… My ‘reveal-it-all’ program is designed to bring about the BIGGEST life-changing results you’re ever going to experience!

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So Who The Hell Is Theo?

Now, I wish I had some ‘rags-to-riches’ story to tell you… but I don’t – No such wild tales here!

As I mentioned earlier, I’m Theo. As a former truck driver, I’m a little rough around the edges, but I am an open book – so won’t be blowing any smoke up you know where??

I still remember it like yesterday (2012)… the day I jumped online and typed those famous words into Google – “How To Make Money Online”

Since then… I’ve been involved with affiliate marketing, product creation, email marketing, video marketing, and more. You name it – I have dabbled with it to some extent.

Now, I’m NO guru – and I’m not a millionaire… (yet!)

… and I don’t have a private jet, fancy sports cars, or live in a huge mansion….

… but what I do have is more than 5+ years of internet marketing experience – which I use to live life on my terms.

I now spend most of my days in beautiful Phuket, Thailand. When I first visited back in 2011, I immediately fell in love with the people… the culture… the country and knew this is where I want to spend most of my days.

You might say… ‘I’m living the laptop-lifestyle’.

So if you’re ready to start exploring YOUR options for an online income… then you’re definitely in the right place!


To Your Success,

-Theo Poulentzas-


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