There is no faster or more powerful way to penetrate your niche market by developing a unique brand and becoming an authority in your market place than with a qualified and targeted list!

It’s also the easiest way to skyrocket your income and maximize your exposure with limited costs, as once you have an active list of subscribers, there are no further acquisition costs – yet you can continue marketing to the same customer base again and again!

But when it comes to list building and email marketing, the foundation of your entire system relies on ‘autoresponders.

Autoresponder services help you build and manage your email campaigns, ensuring maximum delivery rates and that you are always within CANSPAM guidelines – so that your subscribers are able to opt-out of your mailings if they choose to.

Autoresponder services also help you in other important ways as well, such as in giving you the opportunity to segment your lists, which is incredibly important in being able to connect and directly communicate with specific sections of your market.

Keep in mind that when you build a list, it will be filled with many different people from all walks of life, experience and skill levels as well as interests.

While it’s important to build individual lists around specific groups of people, being able to segment your list will make it even easier to tap into what each group of subscribers are truly interested in.

Autoresponder services will also help you safeguard your email campaigns providing frequent updates, back-ups of your entire system as well as giving you the opportunity to download a copy of your database at any time.

While you can transfer your mailing list to a new account should you wish to change providers, it will require that all subscribers re-confirm their request to join your list, so it’s important that you take your time in evaluating the different autoresponder providers on the market and choose the one that works best for you.

Here are a few to help you get started:

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Email marketing is all about building your list and catering to it, and if you set up an automated system that delivers content at specific intervals, you’ll make it much easier to manage and maintain as your lists begin to grow.

Remember… people sign up to receive your emails believing that they will benefit in some way.  If you deliver qualityrelevant and useful information that truly helps them, you will be rewarded with an active and responsive subscriber base.

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