Bringing your vision for an original product to life is frequently one of the biggest hurdles for most aspiring entrepreneurs.

Most get great ideas for products, but always find it difficult to know how or where to begin when it comes to idea to end product.

Below I’ve set out how I go about creating my products when inspiration hits. Hope you find it valuable and possibly use some of my techniques in your next creation.


  • This is the easiest way to start creating your info product.
  • Gives you a starting point for your info product.
  • Helps get you unstuck and creating your info product.
  • Use it to guide you to your completed info product.
  • Allows you to easily know what you will cover next.
  • Helps you write killer sales copy for your info product.


  • Look for at least 4 main subject points you can hit on.
  • Each of these becomes your chapter.
  • Below each subject point include 4 to 5 additional points to hit on.


–Q&A Websites

  • Yahoo Answers

– Books ‘Look Inside’ Feature

  • Dummies Books
  • Find Books In Your Niche

–YouTube Suggested Search

–Google Suggested Search



–Clickbank Marketplace For Competition

Below is an example of the Self Improvement vertical. Here you can see how to dig deeper into sub-niches of the same niche.

This can be applied to practically any niche.

Self Improvement

  • Define what self improvement is.
  • Financially
  • Health
  • Spiritual
  • Relationships
  • Time Management

Improving Yourself Financially

  • Budget
  • Start a home business
  • Alternative income streams
  • Sell your non needed assets
  • Invest
  • Get out of debt.

Improving Your Health

  • Dieting
  • Exercise
  • Supplements
  • Natural Health Methods
  • Managing Stress

Spiritual Growth

  • Bible Study
  • Finding a group of like minded people.
  • Worship
  • Prayer


  • Listening skills.
  • Understanding other people.
  • Understanding the needs of others.
  • Putting others before yourself.
  • Taking care of those around you.

Time Management

  • Methods to improve your time management.
  • Finding the perfect place to work.
  • What time works best for you?
  • Setting a timer.
  • Working in focused chunks.

No matter what you’re developing, by putting in all the necessary preparation—through researching and planning—you can set yourself up for a successful final product

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