As an online marketer, if you want to succeed online you need to be different. It doesn’t matter which niche you are in, you need to be standing out of the crowd. You want to be offering something different – something your competition isn’t already offering. This is how you stand out as different and memorable and this is how you make links ‘clickable’ and sharable.

But coming up with new content is hard… especially if you’re in a popular niche where people are publishing thousands of new articles/content on a daily basis!

Also, you’re going to have to do your research if you are going to want to appear accuratereliable and trustworthy.

So read on, if you want to mater your research skills so you can really stand out and become an authority in your niche.

Your Inspiration

The more information you take in – the more inspiration you’ll be able to put out. It’s been found by many psychologists that there is no such thing as a truly ‘original’ idea. Instead, our ideas are created when we combine different ideas we already have.

So the more information you are taking in on a regular basis, the more bits of data you will have available to recombine into something brand new.

And this shouldn’t just mean reading on the topics that you’re writing about either. Reading on different topics is also important as this way you can bring related knowledge in from other fields or combine subjects in order to come up with something completely new.

What’s more, reading other blogs and websites can give you ideas for structuring articles or spinning them that you can apply to your own work in new ways. Like that article on how to dress like a bodybuilder? How about taking it and applying it to your own niche for an article on ‘how to dress like an entrepreneur’?

Great places to get ideas and material then include:

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • TV

Looking for News

It’s also important to try and stay up-to-date by following the latest news and developments. This sometimes means going straight to the source, which can mean reading journal studies (look for them on Google Scholar) — or looking at Press Releases (you can find sites that collect and publish these).

Another great source of information are article sites. Here you’ll find many budding marketers, like yourself writing original content here for the masses.

Taking it Further

But to truly stand out and make your stuff unique and interesting, you’re going to have to take your research to a deeper level. You’re going to have to live and breathe your topic.

So next time your read an interesting article telling of a new discovery, you have to ask yourself – “Why is this true?” And what if you were to take this new idea and add another element to it – then this will truly make it unique to you!

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