When it comes to creating a business online, you essentially come down to making one of two choices. You can either choose to create and sell your own products – or, you can elect to sell products of others as an affiliate marketer.

So, if you’re starting out online and not sure which path to take – Product Creation or Affiliate Marketer – let me give you a list of pros and cons, which may assist you in making a decision.

Should I Create/Sell My Own Products – Or Should I Sell For Someone Else?

With affiliate marketing, you’re basically acting as a ‘middle-man’ for a product. You’re selling another marketers product – on a commission base. For most marketers starting out online, find affiliate marketing ideal because they don’t have to deal with websites, graphics, sales copy, product delivery, etc… It’s fairly straightforward.

  • Pro: You don’t have to devote any time to the product creation process. You’re getting right to the part where you’re selling something. There is something very appealing about that for most that initially start online.
  • Pro: Affiliate marketing not only allows you to work with a variety of different products, but it also offers a flexible income. In the end, you’re going to set the hours, and you’re going to decide how much you make.
  • Con: You don’t have a lot of control with affiliate marketing. You serve at the discretion of the product owner.
  • Con: Choosing the right product or products to support can be difficult. There are a ton of different programs and possibilities out there. Choosing the right one is crucial, but choosing can also prove to be quite difficult.

On the other hand, product creation is where you create the product for the market. Options include – eBook, video course, webinar, workshop… it’s up to you. You’re in total control of everything from start to finish. This is the reason why many don’t dive straight into product creation. They assume is too difficult and way too much work!

  • Pro: You are building your own customer list. This can be beneficial for not only the present, but for the future of your business, as well.
  • Pro: You have complete control. This control is also realized in terms of the income, and all of it is going to be yours. But this control also extends to creation, marketing, selling, and more.
  • Con: You need time and money to make these things, which can be difficult to come by.
  • Con: You’re responsible for everything, and I do mean absolutely everything.

There are many more positives & negatives for affiliate marketing… the same can be said about product creation. In the end, it’s all up to you which path you want to take – what you feel comfortable with.

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