While there are a countless number of niches out there where you can make money from… there are 3 that stand out above the rest, and are the reason why most marketers choose to focus of them – HUNGRY BUYERS!

These are:

  • Make Money
  • Fitness
  • Relationships

These are the three major NICHE markets (topics) – that are targeted by the internet gurus and most newcomers to internet marketing. These three have been ‘tried and tested’ when it comes to making big money online.

So what is it about these topics that makes them so popular?

And what are their big strengths and weaknesses?

Let’s take a look…

Making Money

Making money online is a hugely popular niche for one big reason – it promises readers a way to escape the ‘rat race’ and to start living the lifestyle they’ve always wanted.

What’s more though, it also has the advantage of being an investment for visitors. In other words, people can justify spending money on almost anything in this niche because they believe in theory they should get that money back. Their purchases are investments rather than expenses.

The make money niche also appeals directly to the sort of tech savvy individual who is likely to buy digital products – especially if they’re considering making money online.


The fitness niche is another highly popular one because it again shows people how to live the lifestyle they want. With abs and big biceps, guys believe they can get the girl, feel more confident and impress their peers – all things that appeal to all of us.

At the same time, fitness appeals to pretty much everyone giving it a hugely broad appeal. Here in lies the problem with this niche though: it is highly competitive. The best way that you can get around this is to look at a smaller sub-section of this larger audience. For instance, you might consider writing a website on fitness aimed specifically at the over 50s, or at people with diabetes.


Like fitness, dating is a subject matter that appeals to pretty much everyone – including that demographic of young professionals with lots of disposable income. This is a topic with a great emotional hook, making it one that’s very easy to sell in.

The only problem with this niche is coming up with new content. You can come up with new ‘techniques’ and look at related niches (like style and fitness) but this is a subject where very little ‘new’ information will become available otherwise.

There’s a lot of advice around when it comes to – ‘how to choose your niche market’. But it all comes down to one thing. Is there market of ‘hungry’ buyers?

Whether you go with something that you’re passionate about or just looking at filling a need in a specific market – do your research before you begin as to increase your chances of having a profitable business in the long run.

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