People get hung up on this and spend decades deciding on a niche. Don’t let it get to you like that. Sure, – it’s important, but not THAT important.

Let me make it clear. If I were choosing a niche to build a site that I wanted to rank in Google, then that involves a whole load of research and back-linking and stuff that I’m NOT going to get into here. I don’t like niches that depend on SEO.

I prefer to be in control of driving traffic to my site, rather than relying on Google with its endless algorithm changes and updates. I want traffic to my sites to be controlled by me.

So now that you understand that, let me describe to you a few ways that you can make a nice quick decision about your niche, because seriously, you don’t want to get bogged down in this.

Don’t Get it Perfect — Just Get it Going!!!

If I may say so, you want to be a trend-follower here, not a trend-setter. And certain markets do well ALL THE TIME, so don’t go trying to pick a niche that no-one else has thought of. Choose one that already has loads of followers. Competition is really good for us. It means there are lots of customers.

Generally speaking, if you stick to any of these 3 Evergreen Markets … you’ll be fine.


Now you’ll notice I said that these are “markets”, not “niches”. There is a difference. A niche is a more refined topic that is a sub-section of a market. In other words, a niche is a more targeted thing altogether than a ‘market’, which is a general term.

“Dating” is a market… “Online Dating” is a broad niche…“Online Dating For Over 40’s” is a tighter niche.

You get the picture?

Pick a niche that’s specific, something that you can easily stand out from the crowd with.

I’ll list these 3 evergreen markets below, and under them, a selection of niches within that market – (but you’ll be able to dig deeper). Then you’ll totally get the idea. Literally almost any of the niches, and there are many more than I’ve listed here, will be perfect.

So …
Health (market)
Healthy Eating, Vitamin Supplements for Babies, Lose Weight when Pregnant, Quit Smoking Easily, Skin Care for Farmers.

Wealth (market) Work from Home, Online FX Trading, Internet Marketing, How To Purchase Foreclosures, Debt Relief for Beginners

Lifestyle (market)
Mind Body & Spirit, Online Study Courses, Alternative Energy, Relationship Advice, Dating for Mature People.

So you get the picture. Choose one and get started.

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