It doesn’t take much for us to lose focus of what we should be doing. Our emails are bombarded daily from internet marketers wanting to be heard. Everyone’s got a ‘new angle’… a new piece of ‘software’… a ‘secret’ technique or strategy that no one else has thought about – makes it real easy for most of us to keep jumping from one thing to another.

I’m here to tell you to…STOP DOING THAT!

You know what you should be doing, but if you’re a newbie or even a seasoned marketer who hasn’t really made any significant income online… then you’re going to love this!

Here are the things you need to be doing.

  • You need… to be building a LIST.

Anyone with half a brain can do this. Get a squeeze page up online and functional. This is mandatory! If you go another day… week… month and you still haven’t got your squeeze page up online, then you’re NOT really serious about this business. A list is a must for any internet marketer – It’s your ASSET.

If you’re not sure how, then go right here now! — [Squeeze Page Mastery]

Once you have your squeeze page up online, then you can start promoting it. If you don’t have money to spend, then you’ll need to focus on free traffic. Start with social media – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter… etc… plus you can also go into forums in your niche.

Once converting well you may want to dial it up with paid traffic and get even more subscribers.

  • You need… a SQUEEZE PAGE. – [see above]
  • You need… an AUTORESPONDER.

This is another essential part of your online business. This is where automation comes in.

You need to manage your list right, and that requires some copywriting skills. Either do it yourself or have t outsourced – but it needs to get done.

Just be yourself. People tend to gravitate to people they know, like and trust… and by being yourself in your emails people will get to know you, and people only ever buy from people they know, like and trust.

So don’t just send promotions to your list all the time. Mix it up. This is how they will get to know you. Either treat them well… or they’ll leave you.

  • You need… your own PRODUCT.

Why? Because it makes you an expert… an authority in your niche!

This is a business, so treat it like one. Once you have your own product you now have your own buy-button. When people buy from you… you now get paid instantly! This is an asset for you to build a more reliable income online.

Don’t get me wrong, promoting affiliate offers are great, but you have to wait 30-45 days to be paid. Now you’re the product owner and you get paid immediately… plus you now have the opportunity in recruiting affiliates to promote for you – see where I’m coming from?

I can also help here. Squeeze Page Mastery also comes with Product Creation Mastery & Backend Sales Mastery – as a bonus!

  • You need… a SALES PAGE/S.

Once you have your product, you then need a sales page to sell your product.

This right here is where we separate the men from the boys. The success of your sales page/s and the same goes for your squeeze page and emails come down to the copywriting – the sales message!

If your squeeze page isn’t converting… meaning, people aren’t putting in their emails, comes down to your copy.

If your emails aren’t being opened and clicked on, comes down to your copy.

The same goes for you sales page. If you’re not making sales, it comes down to your copy.

So right here you need to make a decision. By hiring a professional copywriter, he/she will have your copy dialled in which will help you increase your conversions and you’ll succeed much faster. Once you’re converting well you can then send traffic from all over the internet and make yourself a small fortune – fast!

But… if you cannot convert – you fail… simple as that.

In conclusion…

Forget all the opportunities and other schemes that come your way. Focus on your business and you.

You know you need a squeeze page, your own product, backend offers (either yours or affiliate stuff), and you know you need a list.

The rest is all about driving traffic – then testing and tweaking.

You see, most marketers don’t even pick a niche market let alone get a full-blown business up online and functional. If you want to be the exception and ahead of the market, then I suggest you seriously have look at: SQUEEZE PAGE MASTERY!

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Thank you!

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